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Every SEO project that we get involved with is custom designed. We do not have a “cookie cutter” approach. Each web site has particular challenges and opportunities inherent to their industry and geographic market. In the initial phases of our project we will build a blueprint for your SEO campaign. We will meet with you after our initial survey and study and discuss the possible SEO initiatives that are available to your web site. Once we have agreed on the work plan we will regularly provide updates regarding your website’s progress and results.

We are experienced and provide our SEO services as a complete Internet Marketing effort. We will work with you to develop the optimum balance of free and paid search engine marketing methods. We will help you to find the most highly targeted keywords for your purposes. We can also provide you with assistance in improving your visitor-to-sale conversion ratio.

“MB Digital Marketing” is a privately owned marketing firm founded in response to a demand by clients for a more effective, personal, and results driven marketing approach. We are using our rapidly growing success to build a strong client portfolio and are gearing up to expand into new markets.

We provide a combination of skill and experience that makes us your perfect choice for Internet Marketing. We used a professional approach even before the World Wide Web existed and we brought that professionalism with us to this field. This means that we will work with you in a professional and transparent manner. We will not make outlandish promises that cannot be achieved. We will give you a detailed business plan at the onset of our business relationship and regular status updates.

We are not a fly-by-night operation. We are in business for the long haul. We conduct business the right way, even though that sometimes requires a bit of extra effort on our part. Over 90 % of our new business comes from repeat and referral sources. That is a testament to the fact that we know how to treat our customers and that we know how to get lasting results. Although the bulk of our work is usually implemented in the initial phases of SEO, we provide services that last for the lifetime of your website.

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Email Marketing

One of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal for your online strategy is simple email.

Local Listings

Google Local Listings are a part of Google + Local. Local Listings are an advertising feature that Google provides.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile search is when a mobile telephone is used to obtain content from the World Wide Web.

Mobile Websites

While a normal website is still a necessity, the latest thing that must be implemented is a mobile website.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is, simply put, taking control of your online presence countering unfavorable comments

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is an Internet advertising model used on web sites.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process for improving the visibility of a web page to the search engines.

Social Media Marketing

“social media” refers to the various websites and web services that allow their users to interact directly, sharing their thoughts, their likes

YouTube Marketing

YouTube has moved beyond an online phenomenon and into the realm of a necessary online marketing tool.